The face as a mirror of emotions

The face plays a leading role in social interactions between humans. Facial features reflect our emotional state and help to convey our feelings of happiness, sadness, trust and love.

The aging process causes the facial skin to lose its elasticity and an increasing number of small wrinkles form as a result. The facial and forehead muscles play a key role in the formation of wrinkles. At the same time, the fatty tissue from the middle of the face increasingly moves downwards to the lower regions of the face. In some circumstances, this can lead to the formation of drooping eyelids and bags under the eyes, making our face look tired as a result.

Modern cosmetic surgery has a great repertoire of treatments that can be used to give the face a fresh look and to counteract the aging process. Non-surgical procedures involving the injection of botox and hyaluronic acid are playing an increasingly important role within this context. In cases where an operation is required, it is possible to conduct minimally invasive surgery with barely visible scars.

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