Wrinkle treatment
with Botox

Botox injections are the most well-known method for treating facial wrinkles and are very common across the globe. It is a safe, tried-and-tested procedure to effectively reduce mimic wrinkles. There are three key aspects to consider when it comes to botulinum toxin treatments.

The materials that are used are vast and of a varying quality. As a result, they also come at a range of prices. When it comes to lower quality products, the best-case scenario is a weakened or more short-term effect. However, for less fortunate patients, they can lead to allergic reactions and even infections.

The qualifications of the doctors providing the treatments are also extremely important. Many patients fear “hypomimia”, an infection or permanent hanging lid after botox injections. In order to guarantee a successful treatment, the physicians must have a sound knowledge of the anatomy, they must be able to apply antidotes, have many years of experience, possess the required training and have a good sense of aesthetics.

At the same time, sterility and hygiene play a key role in avoiding infections. As with the administration of medicines, botox injections must be administered under the strictest hygiene conditions.

At Panaesthetics, the focus is always on your safety. You can enjoy the highest quality, safety and sterility standards for each and every treatment that we offer. The materials that we use meet the strictest quality criteria and are global market leaders.

Our clinic offers courses for doctors looking to perfect their technique in the field of botox and hyaluron treatments (Academy).


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