Breast lift

The breast plays a key role in the desirability of women. Known as a secondary sexual characteristic, it also has a big impact on women’s self-esteem.  The shape of the breast can change over the years and this is owed to a number of different factors.

The breast is considered to reach its optimum shape shortly after puberty. Collagen fibres lend the youthful breast a firmness and it is this form of the breast that people tend to view as the ideal.

The aging process, breastfeeding, weight fluctuations and hormonal influences all affect the shape of the breast: it becomes less firm and the nipples gradually begin to point downwards. Many women consider “sagging breasts” to have a highly negative effect on their appearance. Their feelings of self-worth and their sexuality suffer as a result.

A breast uplift, either with or without implants, can help to re-establish the youthful shape. This intervention changes the projection of the breast and thus its shape, as well as the shape of the nipple. A breast uplift can achieve very long-lasting results by providing a kind of “internal bra”.

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