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Our anaesthetists are specialists in anaesthesiology. They are very familiar with the latest monitoring methods. They look after our patients during the entire stay in our clinic and also ensure your safety. They are trained in intensive care medicine and are familiar with all procedures in the field of anaesthesiology.

All aesthetic procedures are performed either under general anaesthesia or analgosedation (twilight sleep). In both cases the vital parameters of the patients are monitored by our anaesthetists, preventing possible complications. The gentle anaesthetic procedures, which are very well controllable, make it possible to carry out certain procedures on an outpatient basis if desired, despite general anaesthesia. This means that patients can go home only a few hours after the operation, after a short wake-up phase. However, as a rule, our operations are performed as inpatient procedures, so that patients are monitored in our clinic at least one night after the operation.

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