fat injection

Medical procedures involving the transfer of fatty tissue have been around for 30 years. The procedure itself has been studied extensively across the globe and developed. The healing rate of the removed cells has been improved and the instruments used to acquire and transfer the tissue have been refined as a result.

The fat in this procedure is taken from the patient’s own body and is, therefore, fully safe for use in volume replacement therapy. In addition, it boasts regenerative properties, which in turn benefit the skin and the area where it is inserted. For this reason, lipofilling is often used in combination with other procedures.

In an ideal situation, this method is combined with liposuction from a problem area, so that both the recipient site and the donor site benefit from this intervention.

Here at Panaesthetics, we use water-assisted liposuction to acquire the fat. This is an especially gentle procedure that facilitates a high survival rate of the fat cells and thus leads to very good results.

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