Tummy tuck

The abdomen is where the body stores fatty tissue, but it can also symbolise sensuality. An attractive abdomen may include features like an “ab crack”, a shapely navel, well-defined stomach muscles and a neat waistline.

The tissue in the abdomen region can become stretched during pregnancy or as a result of weight fluctuations. This in turn leads to a slackening of the tissue and excess skin, as well as stretch marks and, in extreme cases, an unpleasant odour from the skin folds. The body stores an increased amount of fat in this area and it can be difficult to remove, even with regular exercise and a change in diet.

The navel stands as a natural “anchor”, separating the upper and lower abdomen. In some cases, this can lead to an increased number of skin folds, which may be pronounced even when standing up.

A tummy tuck can lead to a lasting, attractive result in these types of cases. Here, the excess tissue is removed from the abdomen, the stomach muscles tightened, the waist accentuated, the navel reshaped, and the skin tightened, depending on the specific case in question. In pronounced cases, the mons veneris can be tightened as part of the same procedure. The scar is placed in the bikini area and runs in an arc shape over the mons pubis. As such, it is generally invisible, even when you are wearing swimwear. Men and women have differently shaped abdomens, and this must always be taken into account in order to achieve an attractive, balanced and gender-specific tummy tuck.


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