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The latest generation of breast implants can theoretically remain in the body for the rest of a patient’s life. Despite this, implants do sometimes need to be changed, be it for cosmetic or for medical reasons.

In some cases, the firmness and elasticity of the breast tissue weakens, leading to a ptosis (drooping of the breast).

Some women who have undergone a breast augmentation with implants in the past suffer from “waterfall deformity”. This is where the silicone implant and the natural body tissue within the breast behave differently during the aging process. A new operation is generally required to rectify this issue. The implants are replaced, and a breast uplift is also often performed.

One example of a medical reason for replacing implants is what is known as capsular contracture. After a breast augmentation, the body can sometimes identify the implant as a foreign body and trigger a foreign body reaction. This causes a capsule to form around the implant. This isn’t a complication; rather it is the body’s natural physiological reaction to the implant. Over the years, this capsule can harden and contract, leading to the deformation of the breast and pain (capsular contracture). The best solution here is to replace the implants.

The implants used by Panaesthetics (Polytech, B-Lite) are tested to meet the strictest criteria and are of a very high quality. The shape and size of the new implants must be carefully chosen together with the patient, based on both their anatomy and their desires.

Dr Katrin Vossoughi has an extremely high level of expertise in the field of breast augmentation and has even performed these operations live on television. She can provide you with extensive information and advice on this topic during a no-obligation consultation.

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