„Brazilian Butt“ Lift

A shapely derrière is a key part of the ideal feminine body shape. The sought-after “Brazilian butt” features taut tissue and an attractive round shape.

This operation is performed more in South America than anywhere else in the world.

The procedure sees fatty tissue being removed from a region of the body using water-assisted liposuction. This fatty tissue is then processed, before being transferred to the buttocks. Thus, you can benefit from both liposuction from the problem area from which the fat is removed (generally the sides or the upper thighs) and from the resulting volume and rounded shape of the derrière.

The operation must be carried out following standard procedure, taking anatomical characteristics into account to ensure the maximum level of safety.

Find out more about this procedure during our consultation hours on cosmetic procedures. Our specialist doctors are experts in the field of transferring fatty tissue and can provide you with detailed information about the options, risks and limitations of this method.

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